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Barrels,  Crates & Mushrooms

As part of the Armies on Parade board we've been working on some accessories to go on the board, to make it feel a bit more realistic.

To complement the grass, bushes and other scenery we already have on the board we decided to add some mushrooms. These are a great kit from Mini Monsters, with loads of variation and at a perfect size for warhammer gamming.

To give the dock and storage spaces some added touched of realism we also added some crates and barrels. Thebarrels again came from Mini Monsters, whilst the crates from Great North Roads. Both where undercoated with a dark wood colour (Dryad bark from Citadel) and the highlighted with some lighter colours. They where then oiled and finally dry brushed.

We are looking forward to seeing these accessories added to the board, so keep an eye out on our facebook and insagram pages for all the latest updates!

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