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We Are

Imperator Models!


We are Imperator Models! Everyone at Imperator Models are hobbyists themselves, we have a wide range of interests from expert painters, to scenery builders, to convertors! That puts us in a unique position to cover all aspects of the model world.

We aim to find the best scenery, models effects & accessories to make your model or project really stand out!

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All of our projects are completed in house by our knowlegable colleagues, this means we can share with you the tips & tricks we use to make our competition standard miniatures & dioramas.

Where possible we upload what we are working on to both our blog and social media accounts, so dont forget to give us a follow for regular updates!


We all love to build and paint models at Imperator Models, we have a particular passion for creating highly detailed dioramas and enjoying a good wargaming session. 

We are all avid Warhammer & Bolt Action players so we know the sorts of products you are looking for.


From time to time we do custom display pieces and diorama scenes, so if you have a special event coming up and would really like your next project to stand out, visit the contact us page and drop us some details and we will see what we can do for you!

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