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Our battery powered static grass applicator is the ideal tool to make your bases, terrain or model railway look extra realistic. It worked by passing a small electric current through the grass making the fibers stand on end. 

What is Static Grass?

Static grass is used in railway modeling and miniature wargaming to create realistic-looking "grass" textures. It consists of small coloured fibres charged with static electricity, making them stand on end when sprinkled onto a glue-coated surface.

How to apply Static Grass - 2mm basing grass

Starting from your base board, no need to paint it. Screw a small screw or knock a small nail into the baseboard so you can attach the crocodile clip of the applicator to the board. If you have track nearby, you can attach it to the track. Using a good strong glue, cover the desired area with the glue. We suggest you work in small area. Pour the glue on to the board, use a brush to spread, covering the area you want to grass.

Fill your hopper half way with your chosen colour 2mm basing grass. Clip the crocodile clip to you nail, screw, or track. Switch on the applicator hold it above the glued area about 1 to 3 inches and shake and move around your glued area covering it all with your basing grass.

4mm detailing

Empty the 2mm grass out of the hopper back into your storage container. And put in your chosen colour 4mm Detailing Grass.

This is where you can get creative, selecting Colours that will build the look you want. I use Autumn 4mm on top of Spring 2mm a light base and then a darker colour on top. Apply the 4mm Detailing grass in patches, use different colour, like Dead, or Patchy to break up the solid colour. All our grasses blend together, so you will end up with a realistic look.

6mm Detailing and finishing

Simply as above. Again select the colours you want, try to go for different to what you have already laid. Again lay in patches and keep adding until you think it looks like what you’re aiming for. Finishing grass is designed to give you the overgrown look or a haze look over your wild meadow. So that’s it, the hardest part it the gluing. Remember your trying to represent nature. So if you do make a mistake, it turns out to be a good idea. Sometimes the best results come from the mistake.


2 AA batteries required, not included. For safety reasons we do not recommend this product be used by anyone who has a pacemaker device installed. 

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