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Flak Bunker Diorama

Flak Bunker Diorama

Turn your Flak Bunker into a centre piece for any table or even its own miniature diorama! Every thing you need to re create the example featured above can be found on this page, all you will need to add is a base (this can be hardboard, foam board or even thick card).

  • Start by cutting a base to slightly larger than your bunker.

  • Using milliput add some sandbags to the top of the bunker and along the side of the bunker. (For 28mm scale we recommend each sandbag be 15mm long.)

  • Using some wooden dowel or cocktail sticks glue 2 wooden poles to the base to support your camouflage nets.

  • Add a layer of muddy ground all over your base board.

  • Place you bunker back on the base once the texture has dried and add a layer of PVA glue on top of the mud, sprinkle a mixture of the 2mm and 6mm grass over the area you want to add grass to, we suggest leaving some small patches for paths.

  • Add Some weathering effects to your bunker, rust effects from the any exposed metal and moss deposits from flat surfaces. 

  • Using our camouflage net kit place the net between the bunker and the wooden dowel you inserted into the base earlier. Place some small dabs of PVA onto the net in a random pattern before sprinkling on some of the mixed leaves included in the pack.

  • Finally add some grass tufts to give your model your colour. 

  • Bonus tip: To make posters copy and paste some WW2 propaganda posters from the internet and print them on a desktop printer. Glue them to the bunker using PVA glue and then add a another coat of PVA glue over the top of the poster to seal it in. (Don't worry it dries clear!)

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